Mission Statement

Panda Path Mission Statement Paving A Path for Our Youngest Learners
We envision a school focused on the whole child.
  • Cognitive Development
  • Students are engaged in meaningful experiences, all of which involve the development of literacy
  • Students are constantly engaged in interaction with peers and adults
  • Students are assessed on an ongoing basis and results are used to plan for instruction that meets each child’s individual needs
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Students receive instruction in social skills
  • Adults model social skills each day
  • Students understand what it means to do their best and take pride in their accomplishments. They strive for excellence
  • Students are confident
  • Students work collaboratively and solve disagreements among themselves most of the time
  • Students recognize themselves and their peers as individuals, and learn to accept and celebrate differences
We envision a school in which staff:
  • Demonstrates a genuine care and concern for children
  • Focuses on students and learning
  • Accepts and celebrates differences among all stakeholders
  • Strives to think positively and have an abundance mentality
  • Communicates clearly and regularly with co-workers, parents, community, and students
  • Works collaboratively with others
  • Understands that they are responsible for their professional development and take responsibility for it
We envision a school in which parents:
  • Participate in school events
  • Feel comfortable and welcome on campus
  • Volunteer at the campus on a regular basis
  • Learn and use strategies to support student learning at home
  • Communicate with teachers regularly through daily contact, conferences, and weekly folder
  • Have the ability to utilize school support staff when critical situations arise (counselor, CIS, nurse, social worker)
  • Have access to classes to improve parenting skills and further their own education
  • Support school fundraisers
  • Provide feedback about programs periodically
  • Serve as representatives on campus and district committees
We envision a school in which the community:
  • Commits to volunteering regularly
  • Contributes to the improvement of the school by dedicating time, materials, and/or financial support
  • Has an awareness of the school’s purpose, programs, and accomplishments by means of regular communication in newspapers, newsletters, district publications, etc.
  • Has the opportunity to engage in special events at the school
  • Constantly receives appreciation and recognition for their support